T&S Machine

Cut-N-Shoot, TX | BTR10

This unit has saved us a lot of money & is very convenient.  There are no longer water bottles everywhere.

Michaela Price

Pearland, TX | LQ/RO

Has been a great system for our household, water receives compliments from guests for softness and taste. Service for the unit has been reliable and assisted with maintaining quality of water.

Howard DeVezin

Huntsville, TX | AM32 & RO

The system gives us soft water, this makes cleaning clothes and dishes easier.  It makes you feel cleaner after a shower.  Our RO filter gives us great tasting coffee.  The service is professional and of high quality.

Rob and Jane Andrews

Houston, TX | EC4100/UF50RO

Love the new system! My hair and skin feels very soft, and we are enjoying drinking the clean water!

Chris and Angela Jones

Houston, TX | LQ10/UF50RO

The Rain Soft system is very nice. It doesn’t take much salt. It seems to be working well. The filter, I absolutely love. The water quality is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.

Greg Potor

Houston, TX | Amazon 18/P-4

Laundry is much softer and uses less soap. Under sink filter system makes great drinking water.

Louise Berryman

Houston, TX | EC4/RO

I have been a Rainsoft customer for a very long time. 17 years very satisfied with service and equipment. Love the product so much that after 17 years I have a new upgrade unit. Jerry was very knowledgeable about the unit and very courteous.

James Armstrong

Houston, TX | AM/P6

We have been very pleased with our water and the service provided by Quality water systems.

Reginal and Natacha Mitchell

Houston, TX | LQC100CV/ UF50RO/

The RO drinking water is delicious and knowing that the water coming into our home is treated is reassuring to prevent plumbing issues in the future.

Ruby Mallard

Houston, TX | EC4/RO/Air

Water is great!! Absolutely a good decision for my family.

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