Why Are Generac Generators so Popular Among Homeowners in Houston, TX?

Generac Generators Houston TXGenerac generators are among the most reliable in the industry – a belief that is shared by many homeowners throughout the Houston, Texas, area. Founded in 1959, Generac has many decades’ worth of experience creating generators, and actually pioneered the invention of the “home standby generator,” which offers some great benefits, including:

  • Automatic operation – A Generac standby generator will monitor your home’s power supply. When there is an interruption, it will turn on automatically, whether you are home or way.
  • Autonomous refueling – Similar to turning on automatically, Generac generators can connect to existing supplies of natural gas or liquid propane and keep themselves fueled.
  • Direct connection to the home – With a Generac generator, you won’t have to worry about tangles of extension cords because it will connect directly to your home’s main power supply.

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For more information about Generac generators, contact Quality Home Products of Texas today. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Houston, TX, and surrounding communities.