Generac Generators: A Quick Purchasing Guide for Residents of Houston, TX & Neighboring Areas

Generac generators Houston TXGenerac standby generators offer numerous advantages for homeowners in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding communities. For one, they don’t require manual refueling like diesel and gasoline generators do. Instead, Generac standby generators are engineered to run off liquid propane or natural gas and can easily be connected to your home’s existing supply of either resource. Additionally, a Generac standby generator will automatically restore power to your Houston area home within seconds of a blackout or power outage. It will be installed with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), which will monitor your home’s connection to the utility power supply. When this flow of power is interrupted, the ATS will start your Generac generator and replenish your power within moments of the outage.

Despite all these wonderful benefits, not just any Generac generator will do for your home in the Houston, TX, area. In fact, there are many different sizes of Generac generators, ranging from small portable ones to larger whole house systems, so before you make a purchase it’s important to have an idea of what size generator you’ll need. A starting point to choose from the range of available Generac generators is to figure out what exactly you want your generator to do. If you just need a source of power for one or two important devices, then a small generator is probably what you’ll want; if you want to keep your whole home running during a power outage, then you’re going to need a large system.

Quality Home Products of Texas is a generator expert that has proudly served residents of Houston, TX, and surrounding communities since 1989. We carry many of the industry’s leading brands, including Generac generators, and offer consultations to help you determine what size system your home will need. For more information, contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.