What Kinds of Backup Generator Systems are Available to Homeowners in Houston, TX?

Generator Houston TXIf you are considering having a generator installed to provide backup power to your home in Houston, Texas, it’s likely that you have or are actively thinking about the different types of systems that are available. For the most part, a generator has one purpose – to generate electricity – but there are some differences in the way an emergency electricity system can be set up, especially when meant to provide backup power for a home.

Here is a very brief summary of the types of generator systems available to homeowners in Houston, TX, who want an additional source of backup power:

  • Portable generators – Though it’s possible to provide a small amount of power with a portable generator to a couple of appliances or devices, this is not a recommended solution for residential backup power. Portable generators require manual operation, tangles of power cords, and have limited power output.
  • Emergency electricity generators – Emergency generator systems are in the realm of generators that are specifically engineered to provide backup power to a home. Though limited in power capacity, these generators can be installed in such a way as to automatically restore power to essential appliances, devices, and systems in a home during a blackout.
  • Whole-home backup generators – These are large systems that are specifically designed to handle heavy workloads. Whole-home backup generators are installed for homeowners that need all electrical devices, systems, and appliances working in their home at all times, including during utility outages.

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