J.D. And Sue Smith

Pearland, TX | EC4 100CT/UF50RO

System works great!

Waylon Whitehead

Pearland, TX | LQC100CV/ QRS 844/ Airmaster Ultra/ UF50RO

System functioning great! Water so soft it washes my wife’s perm out!

Edward & Nina Clakley

New Waverly, TX | LQC100

We have been very pleased with our water system.  It has saved us a lot of money on appliances, the dishwasher, the ice maker, water heater etc.  I would recommend the water softener to anyone especially if you have hard water.

Catherine Beers

Houston, TX | EC450CT/QRS 844 Carbon/P-12

Mark was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I have been very happy with the water system.

James and Wanda Trotter-Thomas

Houston, TX | LQC100CV/UF50RO

I have enjoyed the water system, and have told others!

James and Barbara Nelson

Houston, TX | Fleck 5600/9590 RO

We love the system. Area has hard water issues and this has probably helped our plumbing greatly. Love the taste of our water too!

Arthur Jason Jr.

Houston, TX | EC4

I love my water system.

Sergio Jr. & Mila Rule

Houston, TX | LQ/RO

Yes Rainsoft water system gives us the fantastic taste of pure water and softness.

Mark and Andrea Williams

Houston, TX | LQC60CV/UF50RO

The water is great. It tastes good and feels good. I recommend this to everyone.

George Bell

Houston, TX | LQ10/UF50RO

Great service. Friendly people. Always asks the questions I forget about.

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