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Boil Water Alert


Learn about boil water alerts, how they affect your family’s water consumption, and what to do if an alert is issued in your area.

Boil Water Alert

The CDC recommends residents follow the boil water alert until bacteriological samples demonstrate the water is safe or until corrective actions have been completed. Normal use of your water, such as showering, is safe as long as you are careful not to swallow any. To read the Center for Disease Control’s pamphlet on boil water notices, click here. If you are a customer of Quality Home Products of Texas, please do not drink from the drinking water system installed at the sink. Please continue to boil the tap water, as we do not know why your specific area is instructing you to boil. For More Information on Water Testing, Water Treatment Options, or Disinfecting Your Water System, Please Call Us at (713) 766-4651 or Fill Out The Form Below. ***Map does not reflect affected areas***