Oscar & Edith Ventura

Katy, TX | EC4/RO/Air

We really love all our Rainsoft systems.

Jeff and Tina Lovato

Katy, TX | EC4100CT/UF50RO/QRS844

Great system. Wish I had gotten it much sooner. Highly recommend it to everyone. Service is also excellent, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Wendy Bise

Spring, TX | AQC50

The water in this area is absolutely horrible! With my system I can drink water straight from the tap.  My drinking water & ice cubes are clear as a bell, no more fuzz & lousy tasting water.  The system also saves money on laundry & dish detergent, shampoo & conditioner etc.

Paul & Donna Brown

Spring, TX | EC4 P6

It makes hair feel soft, it feels good.

Judy Tomko

Spring, TX | LQc100/UF50RO/Airmaster

The drinking water is pure and refreshing, no added flavor that shouldn’t be there. The house filter assures me that our bathing water is not adding unwanted chemicals to our bodies.

John and Kim Culley

Spring, TX | EC4100CABCT/UF50RO/QRS844

Extremely please with the product and the service. Very glad that we installed a Rain Soft system.

Aaron and Michelle Lowe

Friendswood, TX | Whole house and Drinking systems

We have enjoyed having the system and noticed a difference as soon as it was installed. Recommend to everyone.

Co & Brenda Magee

Kemah, TX | LQ/QRS

The water quality is excellent. Little or no maintenance, quiet and efficient, Good service when needed for normal maintenance. No problems.

Larry and Bobbie Sims

Friendswood, TX | LQC100CV/UF50RO

System performance has been great. I have had no problems of complaints up to this point. The purchase of this system was a very good choice.

Gordie & Dolly Smith

Cypress, TX | EC4CAB100CT/QRS Carbon Tank/UF50RO

Very good service. Polite and punctual. Softener works very well.

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