Stephen & Kimberly Zalesky

Humble | EC4 75CT, UF50T RO, QRS 8x44

Water system has been wonderful. Will recommend to friends. Very easy to use and maintain.

Mike Talley

Humble, TX | EC4CAB100CT/UF50RO

Before installing our equipment, our water had so much chlorine in it that it would make me physically ill when I would drink it. Not to mention, my feet would literally turn gray from being dried out by the chlorine. Since we installed our system, I’ve had no problems what-so-ever!

Jeff King

Cypress, TX | LQ

Since being a Rainsoft Customer, our water quality has been wonderful. I did not drink tap water before Rainsoft, now I do.

First Baptist Church of Conroe

Conroe, TX | BTR10 Drinking water station

We have been very satisfied with the quality of the water. The service has been great!

Sherry Staerkel

Pearland, TX | LQC RO

The H2O system has been wonderful – it definately has made a difference. The first 3 years we lived in Pearland, the water was so hard and full of minerals, my hair was crunchy and the towels were hard as rocks. Now my hair and towels are soft – It’s great!

Bonnie Thorne

Huntsville, TX |

The service technician was on time, courteous, efficient and pleasant.

Camille Anderson

Houston, TX | AQC75/RO

I love the way it makes my skin feel. I have oily skin, and it seems to help it.

Mark Aguirre

Houston, TX | EC450CT/UF50RO

Really love my water softener. When we moved into our current house, we found the water to be very hard and with a lot of sediment. Rain Soft has been great in taking care of the problem.

Jose Jinojosa

Houston, TX | EC4CAB100CT/P-12

Can’t live without it! My little girl’s skin condition cleared. Now both of my little girls have beautiful skin!

Bethoven Lim

Houston, TX | AQ75CT/UF50RO

Good customer service!

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