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Through the month of April, get $1,000 OFF any whole home backup generator purchased and installed by Quality Home Products of Texas!*

“Life keeps going even when the power stops”

Since 1989 we’ve offered an outstanding selection of exceptional generators for sale in Houston from top-rated manufacturers, Kohler and Generac. These energy-efficient home generator options are guaranteed to keep your most important appliances and equipment powered during outages brought on by extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

*Cannot be combined with any other in-house offers.

Having a reliable backup generator to keep you protected against power disruptions is essential for every homeowner in the Houston TX area.

Never be without power again

Generators automatically kick on when the power goes out, so you’ll always have the electricity you need to keep your lights on, your refrigerator running, and your home or business functioning.

High-quality and reliable

Our generators are made with durable materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they perform in any situation.

Easy to install and maintain

Our team of experts can help you choose the right generator for your needs and will handle all the installation and maintenance for you.

Save money during an outage

Eliminate the need to rely on costly alternatives like hotels or restaurants during extended power outages.

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Quality TX Generator Customer Testimonial

Why choose Quality TX,
for your project?

QHP of Texas has been helping families since 1989, by providing the best products available for their homes. The same company that has helped over 77k homeowners with their Water Treatment, Generators, Tankless Water Heaters, and Solar and Battery needs.

QHP of Texas prides itself on ensuring that our homeowners are provided the best products, with the best dependability. In turn, homeowners will have "peace of mind" knowing their installed products perform as expected.

A Proven Track Record of Excellence


Quality Home Products of Texas has over 77,000 established, satisfied customers.


Quality Home Products of Texas has over 14,000 5-Star Reviews.


Our team has earned the 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, & 2020 BBB Award of Excellence, Winner of the Distinction for Customer Service.


We’ve won the 2009, 2011, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2021, 2022 & 2023 BBB Pinnacle Award, the BBB’s most prestigious customer service award.

Verified Local Generator Customer Reviews

Great customer service, fast install timing and competitive pricing! This is my first time purchasing a standby generator, so I had lots of questions. Andy Johns (Sales Advisor) with Quality Generators was awesome! He was very knowledgeable, responsive and walked me through the whole process. I received other quotes, but I chose them because of their turnkey process. I recommend them for your generator needs.

DeMonica Gladley

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Andy was super helpful in educating me all about generators! He responded super fast, and continued the conversation for a few days to get every detail and wish list item from me, including choosing the best location on our property. We will definitely be following up with Andy to get our generator installed when we’re ready!

Kristen Porter

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James Tomlin came out to the house and took his time and attention to measure, quote and schedule anything we needed for a whole house generator. The customer service he provided was exceptional! Thanks Quality Home Products for training and hiring exceptional people!

Christina Vaughn

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Quality Generators in Houston TX

The Best Generators For Your Houston TX Home

Quality Home Products of Texas was founded in 1989 as a Houston home product company offering generator Houston, water treatment, water heater, solar battery, and air purification sales, installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services in Houston TX and has been offering the best home products and services for decades in the Houston area now. We’ll get you a competitive quote to figure out the best home products for your residential or commercial application. Give us a call today!

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What are the best home generators?

Whole house generators offer the capability to disconnect from the grid entirely or keep your appliances operational during prolonged power outages or emergencies, surpassing the limitations of portable or standby generators. To fully benefit from these advantages, it is essential to select the right generator that aligns with your unique situation and requirements. At Quality TX, we endorse Generac and Kohler as the best home generators. Explore our compilation of the best whole-house generators to identify the model that suits your needs, ensuring your home remains functional even without a connection to the grid.

Can you shower when the power is out?

Absolutely, you can still shower when the power is out, as the water supply is generally independent of electrical power. The key factor is whether your water heating system relies on electricity. If you have a gas or propane water heater, you should be able to enjoy a warm shower even during a power outage. However, if your water heater is electric, you may need to consider alternatives like heating water on a stove or using solar shower bags. Additionally, many homes have gravity-fed water systems that don’t rely on electricity, ensuring a steady water supply. So, while a power outage may limit your ability to have a hot shower, you can still maintain personal hygiene with alternative methods, ensuring you stay clean and comfortable.

Where can I find home generator repairs near me?

When seeking home generator repairs in your vicinity, it’s essential to leverage the power of local directories and online platforms. Start by searching on popular search engines like Google, utilizing specific keywords such as “home generator repairs near me.” Online business directories, such as Yelp or Yellow Pages, can provide a comprehensive list of local service providers with customer reviews, helping you make informed decisions. Additionally, consider checking on community forums or social media groups where neighbors may share their experiences and recommendations for reliable generator repair services. Local hardware stores and electricians could also offer valuable insights or direct you to reputable repair professionals. By combining online search tools, community recommendations, and traditional sources, you’ll be well-equipped to find trustworthy and efficient home generator repair services in your local area.

What is the best time to buy a generator?

Determining the best time to purchase a generator involves strategic considerations. While many consumers rush to buy generators during peak storm seasons or impending emergencies, savvy buyers can find advantageous deals during off-peak times. Historically, post-storm periods often see a surge in generator prices due to increased demand. To secure the best prices and selection, it’s advisable to shop during less hectic seasons, such as late winter or early spring. Retailers may offer discounts or promotions during these periods when demand is lower. Additionally, keeping an eye on sales events, like Black Friday or end-of-season clearance, can yield substantial savings. By planning ahead and monitoring market trends, you can time your generator purchase to maximize both cost-effectiveness and preparedness for unforeseen power outages.

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Generator Houston TX

Life Keeps Going Even When The Power Stops

We are a home services company that has provided generators to the Houston TX area (Including Spring, Kingwood, Tomball, Magnolia, and other communities) since 1989. We offer an outstanding selection of exceptional generators from top-rated manufacturers Kohler and Generac. These energy-efficient home generator options are guaranteed to keep your most important appliances and equipment powered during outages brought on by extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances.


Having a reliable backup generator to keep you protected against power disruptions is essential for every homeowner in the Houston TX area.

If you live in a nearby community and want to purchase a generator houston tx that will keep your home powered during both lengthy blackouts and those pesky, short-term nuisance outages, the ideal place to turn is Quality Home Products of Texas.

Generac Generators

We offer Generac generators in many sizes, so we’re confident you can find an option among our selection that will perfectly meet your backup power demands. Whether you are looking for a backup power supply for your entire home or just the things you can’t live without, we can easily set up your Generac generator to meet your specific needs.

Plus, all Generac generators purchased from Quality Home Products of Texas come with a complimentary, one-year maintenance program (with limitations), and our customers are able to rely on our professional technicians for maintenance and repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Kohler Generators

A Kohler generator is held in high regard and has been considered one of the best brands by industry insiders since the company began manufacturing generators in 1920. That’s because Kohler’s standards of quality have been proven time and again by homeowners across the Houston, Texas, area who were able to outlast a blackout in comfort.

Kohler’s dedication to quality begins during the production process, which involves every part of a Kohler generator being vigorously inspected at regular intervals to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Plus, these generators are built to last with weather-proof casing and a commercial-grade engine that is designed for heavy workloads – all great features to give you peace of mind should the blackout last longer than expected.

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