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Natural Gas Generator Houston TX

Natural Gas Generators for Residents of Houston TX & Surrounding Communities

Natural gas generator Houston TXA natural gas generator means reliable emergency backup power for homes throughout the Houston Texas area.A natural gas generator means reliable emergency backup power for homes throughout the Houston Texas area. If you’re considering purchasing a natural gas generator for your home, turn to the experts at Quality Home Products of TX. We can help you analyze your home’s emergency power needs and then recommend the appropriately sized generator for the job. In business since 1989, Quality Home Products of Texas has amassed experience with backup power solutions of all sizes, from small emergency-electricity systems to larger whole-home blackout protection.

In addition to our experience, Quality TX is committed to being the best generator service.

Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau attests to the many benefits that we offer to homeowners in the Houston TX area including:

  • Expert installations – We use trained and experienced technicians as well as state-licensed electricians to ensure that your generator is installed to code.
  • A no-mess policy – We’ve invested in a precision boring machine that enables us to work around yards and landscaping during the installation.
  • Custom concrete padding – We pour a concrete pad for every generator that we install to ensure it remains level and is out of the mud.
  • A complimentary, one-year maintenance package (with limitations) – We also offer this maintenance package with every generator that we install, which ensures continued optimal performance.
  • Flexible availability – Our service technicians are available around the clock so you have access to repairs when you need them most.

At Quality Home Products of Texas, not only are we dedicated to customer service, but also to reliable products. That’s why our generators come from trusted manufacturers, including GE, Generac, and Kohler.

For more information about a natural gas generator for home use offered by Quality Home Products of TX, contact us today. We proudly serve residents of Houston TX and many other nearby communities.