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Water Heaters

“All the hot water you need, for as long as you need it”

High-efficiency tankless water heaters provide endless domestic hot water, all while keeping your utility bills low.

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Bulky tanks are history.
Tankless is the future


Endless hot water when you want it

Compact space-saving design

Lower energy bills

Longer life than regular tanks

15 year warranty

Water Heaters

Residential On-Demand Water Heaters

Ultra-high efficient tankless water heaters that keep your utility bills low while providing an endless supply of hot water.

ComfortFlow Built-In Recirculation System

Navien’s patented ComfortFlow® system is the first to include a buffer tank, recirculation pump, and fine-tuned controls in a tankless water heater, resolving the cold-water sandwich effect* and issues of minimal flow rates commonly found in other tankless water heaters.

The built-in recirculation pump allows the NPE-A2 to recirculate water either through an external recirc line or through existing supply lines while using NaviCirc®, without the need for external pumps or controls.

EasNav Multi-line Control With Built-In Intuitive Software

Navien’s new backlit EZNav™ control panel uses simple text and icons to make setup, operation status, and troubleshooting faster and easier than ever before.

  • Self-diagnostics.
  • Displays temperature and water flow rate.
  • Displays the status of cascade operation.
  • Convertible display from °F to °C.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Easy setup.
NaviLink Optional Wi-Fi Remote Control System

NaviLink makes it easy to communicate with your Navien systems anywhere internet service is accessible. The NaviLink module attaches easily to any new or existing* Navien tankless water heater, combi‐boiler, and boiler.

Available for Download on IOS or Android

* Existing installations may require the purchase of a new main PCB and front control panel. 

Navien NPE-A2 Series Advanced Condensing Tankless Water Heater

Simply a smarter hot water system for today’s life styles. Three NPE-A2 Advanced Premium models offer a Uniform Energy Factor up to .95 and feature Navien’s patented ComfortFlow system.
  • 2″ PVC up to 75 feet and 1/2″ gas up to 24 feet
  • High efficiency up to 0.95 UEF and up to 15:1 TDR
  • Durable dual stainless steel heat exchangers
  • EZNav™ multi-line control with built-in intuitive software
  • ComfortFlow built-in recirculation system
  • NvaiCirc optional NPE-A2 recirculation valve
  • NaviLink Optional Wi-Fi remote control system
  • H2Air Kit optional combination space heating and domestic hot water system
  • Can cascade up to 32 units with Navien Ready-Link® technology
  • Ready-Link® Manifold System for mounting on a wall or rack

Condensing vs Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heaters



Long-Term Operating Cost

Lower than typical non-condensing tankless and storage tank system
Could be higher than condensing but lower than storage tank systems


Ultra-high Efficiency (UEF up to .96)
High Efficiency (UEF > .80)

Maintenance Requirement

Annual service recommended


PVC acceptable
3″ x 5″ metal concentric required

Installation Location

Indoor or Outdoor
Choice of interior or exterior


Stainless steel heat exchanger extend service life
Stainless steel heat exchanger extend service life


Slightly larger than non-condensing, about 70-80% smaller than tank system
Slightly smaller than condensing, 80% smaller than tank system

Condensing vs Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

Why choose Quality TX,
for your project?

QHP of Texas has been helping families since 1989, by providing the best products available for their homes. The same company that has helped over 77k homeowners with their Water Treatment, Generators, Tankless Water Heaters, and Solar and Battery needs.

QHP of Texas prides itself on ensuring that our homeowners are provided the best products, with the best dependability. In turn, homeowners will have "peace of mind" knowing their installed products perform as expected.

A Proven Track Record of Excellence


Quality Home Products of Texas has over 77,000 established, satisfied customers.


Quality Home Products of Texas has over 14,000 5-Star Reviews.


Our team has earned the 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, & 2020 BBB Award of Excellence, Winner of the Distinction for Customer Service.


We’ve won the 2009, 2011, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2021, 2022 & 2023 BBB Pinnacle Award, the BBB’s most prestigious customer service award.

Verified Local Water Heater Customer Reviews

Great customer service & the water filtration system, tankless water heater & reverse osmosis system are working as expected. Anthony, our sales rep, was very thorough about what to expect.

Barbara (Brooks) Blaschke

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It came time to replace our water heater and Quality Home Products was definitely the right choice. The service has been great, the crew that did the installation was very professional and we couldn’t beat the price. I highly recommend Quality if you’re in need of a water heater.

Joe Krath

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I got the water softener, Generac, and now the tankless water heater. Definitely Quality products and services. Not the cheapest but worth the price.

William Marlow

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Navien Tankless Water Heater Houston TX

Navien Tankless Water Heater Systems for Homes in Houston TX

Navien Tankless Water HeaterPurchasing a Navien tankless water heater from Quality Home Products of Texas is an outstanding choice if you need a new hot water heater for your home in Kingwood, Spring, Tomball, Magnolia, or any other community near Houston, TX. Navien is the leader in condensing tankless technology, and these systems offer superior performance, energy efficiency, and longevity compared to traditional tank-style water heaters. Navien water heaters feature ComfortFlow technology that eliminates issues with minimum flow rate, a common problem with many other tankless water heaters, as well as Intelligent Preheating technology that recognizes hot water usage patterns to ensure you have hot water when it’s needed. Additionally, Navien systems are ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, and the superior energy efficiency can lead to savings on your monthly utility bills. Furthermore, the average lifespan for a Navien tankless system is 20-years, nearly double the length of a traditional tank water heater, and Navien systems are backed by the industry’s strongest warranty, which includes 15-year protection on heat exchangers.

The benefits of purchasing a tankless hot water heater from Quality Home Products of Texas include:

  • Professional installation – Our highly skilled technicians are factory trained and certified to install Navien equipment, so you can rest assured that your tankless system will be set up for optimal results.
  • Exceptional service – We are dedicated to leaving our customers 100 percent satisfied in their experience with our company. Our unflagging commitment to outstanding service is documented through our receipt of numerous industry service awards and our stellar A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you are interested in purchasing a Navien tankless water heater houston system, contact Quality Home Products of Texas today. We proudly serve homeowners in all communities near Houston, TX, including Conroe, Atascocita, and Willis.

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