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Power outages create a number of problems for your home. Some of those problems are simply inconvenient. In other cases, they can cost you money and even be life threatening.generac-300x200 Extended outages are especially dangerous in the summer and winter, when the extreme temperatures can cause members of your household—particularly the very young and the elderly—to experience heat stroke or hypothermia. They may also pose a risk for those with medical equipment that requires electricity.

Standby generators keep the power running

Fortunately, investing in a standby power generator for your home can help you avoid all the problems caused by power outages. Most backup generators can be connected directly to your power supply, which means that they will kick in within seconds of the power going out. Once they do come on, they can give power to the most important areas of your home, no matter how long the outage lasts. Here are three of the biggest benefits of backup generators:
  1. They power essential appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, as well as air conditioning and heating systems.
  2. They keep important medical equipment running. No matter how long the outage lasts, you can rest easy knowing that all medical equipment will be powered.
  3. They help prevent flooding. If the power outage takes place during a severe rainstorm, the generator will ensure that sump pumps retain power and will prevent a basement flood.
In short, home generators help keep you comfortable and secure. They prevent extra expenditures from spoiled food, flooding, and having to rent a motel room, and they prevent health issues brought on by extreme temperatures and the failure of medical equipment.  Take the next step in home comfort and safety by contacting your Houston home generator professionals today! By Tim Crain candles-300x225

Tired of tracking down all the candles in the house every time the power goes out?