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Whole House
Water Filtration System

“Smelly, Staining Minerals Are No Match”

If you’re dealing with bad sulfur odors or stains caused by iron or manganese in your water, a RainSoft problem-solving filter is the solution for you.

RainSoft Problem Water Whole House Filters

Eliminate problems caused by excessive iron, sulfur, and manganese


Remove Sulfur/ Rotten Egg Smell

Safe to use? Yes. Pleasant to use? Not so much. RainSoft whole-house water filters can treat is the presence of sulfur.

Remove Iron/ Rust Stains

Remove Dark Laundering Stains

Get A Large Interactive Display

The EC4 OxyTech provides system information that’s easy to read and understand via a two-line LCD display. Messages scroll across the display identifying the menu being accessed.

Get Power Outage Recovery

If the system loses power during regeneration, it will automatically recover and complete the process once power resumes, ensuring that filtered water is always available.

Enduring Filter Media

A special blend of four minerals, each with specific filtering characteristics, provides reliable, long-lasting performance in a wide range of water temperatures.

Oxytech EC4
Water Filter

RainSoft’s premium, whole house, water filtration system

The EC4 OxyTech whole-house water filtration system is designed to eliminate the problems caused by excessive iron, sulfur, and manganese and deliver clean, filtered water to your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. In fact, it’s a fully automatic and chemical-free solution to odors and stains caused by the presence of these dissolved minerals in your water. You’ll want this filtration system if:

  • Your water smells like rotten eggs.
  • You’re seeing rust-colored stains in your tub, sinks, and toilets.
  • Your clothing has dark spots after laundering that weren’t there when you loaded the washing machine.

A fully automatic, chemical-free, whole-house, problem water filter

The EC4 OxyTech whole-house water filtration system is easy to use, and each long-lasting filter is built for trouble-free operation.

Product Testing & Certifications

Our Commitment To Product Performance

RainSoft products are Tested and Certified by leading third-party agencies. It’s your assurance that RainSoft products always perform as engineered and advertised.

Why choose Quality TX,
for your project?

QHP of Texas has been helping families since 1989, by providing the best products available for their homes. The same company that has helped over 77k homeowners with their Water Treatment, Generators, Tankless Water Heaters, and Solar and Battery needs.

QHP of Texas prides itself on ensuring that our homeowners are provided the best products, with the best dependability. In turn, homeowners will have "peace of mind" knowing their installed products perform as expected.

A Proven Track Record of Excellence


Quality Home Products of Texas has over 77,000 established, satisfied customers.


Quality Home Products of Texas has over 14,000 5-Star Reviews.


Our team has earned the 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, & 2020 BBB Award of Excellence, Winner of the Distinction for Customer Service.


We’ve won the 2009, 2011, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2021, 2022 & 2023 BBB Pinnacle Award, the BBB’s most prestigious customer service award.

Verified Local Water Treatment Customer Reviews

The at home appointment was fun and informative with Lee. The install the next day with Lupe went smooth and efficiently, the cleaning promo products are a great bonus!

Leslie Fuller

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I had been wanting a home filtration system like this for the sole purpose of not leaving water marks when detailing cars (due to having no calcium in water). I posted some pics as well to show this, I left one spot to dry on its own and no watermarks were visible. I didn't have to fight the Mrs. on this purchase either as she has eczema and realized this would really help her out. She really enjoys the Product as she no longer has any breakouts after a shower.

Dominic Escobar

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I scheduled an appointment with Quality Home Products and that's what I got, from the sales associate, Quincy, to the actual product itself. I was already interested in getting a water softener installed in my home, and Quincy was able to explain how the system worked, and answer any questions I had. With the water test, Quincy was able to demonstrate the differences between soft water and hard water, and differentiate between competitors. So, at the end of the science presentation (the water test), I was sold. I'll be reaching out to Quality for other things for my home in the future.

Kelby Norfleet

Read More Of Our Over 14,000 Reviews →

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Get Whole Home Water Filtration in Houston TX to Create the Exact Water You Desire!

Quality Home Products of Texas knows that every person, family, and home is different and that you may have a specific type of water quality you’re hoping to achieve. If not, that’s cool too! For those who are unsure of what they need, we offer free water testing so you know what’s in your water and we can help recommend the right water filtration options to meet your water quality & budget.

At the end of the day, our passion is providing Houston Texas homes & families with excellent tasting, high-quality water using whole home filtration so you can live healthier lives and have healthier homes.

We’ve had the privilege of serving this area since 1989 and will be here for a long time to come. Unlike online retailers or big box stores, we live, work, and play in this area and are certified specialists in water quality (from the Water Quality Association) and are professional plumbers & water treatment technicians. In other words, we’re here to show you far better service than you’ll ever find elsewhere. Even if you’re just looking for a simple water filter, we offer competitive prices & can help you get on a regular schedule to change your filter so you never have to think about it again.

We offer three basic ways to filter your Houston TX water:

Pre-Filter for Sediment or Chlorine

These disposable filters reduce sediment or chlorine and other harmful organics for your entire home. They are inexpensive up front and a great way to protect your home and your water-using appliances for the damaging effects of these contaminants. Drinking and bathing in chlorinated water have been shown to have negative impacts on your health, so this also helps prevent these negative effects, dry skin, & more. These filters do need to be changed regularly and may cause a decrease in water pressure if their useful life has been exhausted. We can help remind you to change your filters and even do it for you if you’d like.

Whole Home Water Refining

We offer state-of-the-art water refiners that are sized for your home, water usage, & water quality. Our refiners remove chlorine, sediments, and other harmful organics automatically, without the need to ever change a filter. Along with those awesome capabilities, our refining system also removes hard water minerals from your water so you can enjoy bubblier bubble baths, spot-free dishes, scale-free shower glass, softer skin & hair, whiter white laundry, & brighter colored laundry! Our systems have also been proven to improve the efficiency of your traditional or tankless water heater by up to 30% while also saving you up 70% in soap and cleaning supplies! Basically, when you use, clean, soft, refined water, you don’t have to use as much soap or cleaning supplies to chemically clean your home, body, and clothing.

Multi-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

While many of the pesky minerals and contaminants that are removed by traditional filters, softeners, and refiners do help to improve water quality for your whole home, contaminants like arsenic, nitrates, sodium, and more are not filtered out by these methods. Fridge filters and pitcher filters only filter a fraction of what reverse osmosis filtration does, and the best part is, we’ll help you remember to change your filters, and even do it for you if you’d like. Reverse osmosis forces water at high pressure through a membrane that leaves the nasty stuff on one side and all the delicious, healthy water on the other. It is THE most cost-effective method of ensuring great drinking water for your home. We can usually run a line from the reverse osmosis system to your fridge as well for ice-cold healthy water and crystal clear ice cubes.

To learn more about getting a Houston Water Filter installed in your home, fill out the form below or call (713) 714-3960 for more information & a free quote!



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