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Urgent – Freeze Warning! We are alerting all our customers and have provided instructions on properly protecting your water system & generator. Read More Here.

****Urgent – Freeze Warning!****

Please read below and follow the instructions carefully. Our team is happy to help with any questions you have.


Due to the prolonged power outages, you may need to check the oil levels of your standby generator. You will need to check its oil level after 8 hours of runtime. Please be advised that the generator will be hot and needs time to cool. Please select the model of generator you own and you will learn how to check your oil levels, and add to it if necessary. For videos on how to check the oil in your generator, click here.

Make sure your Generator’s Control Board is clear of any fault codes that may be displayed on the screen. Below are some recommendations:

*Check oil Levels (see link above)

*Change your battery if it is older than 2 years

*Pay close attention to the generator’s weekly exercise test

*Manually start your generator; this is highly recommended but not mandatory via the run button or the blue manual button

Guide to manually starting your generator

-Open the generator lid

-Select “Manual” on the Control Board

-Allow the generator to run for at least 2 minutes

-Then turn the generator off by selecting “Off”

-Switch generator back to “Auto”


If the manual process of starting your generator was able to be completed, your generator is good to go. If the generator had any issues or a fault code appeared on the control board, please contact us.

 Email: genservice@qualitytx.com

Phone: 281-955-3400 ext 4000

Normal business hours:

Monday – Fri 8am-5pm



We are alerting all our customers with these instructions on properly protecting your water system.

Protecting your Water Treatment System:

*If the unit is located outside, put a heavy blanket over it and secure the blanket with heavy-duty tape/rope to secure it over the unit.

*Make sure pipes coming to the unit are covered in pipe insulation (typically black).

*Also, please make sure the hose bib (spigot that you hook a water hose to from Water Treatment System) is covered until temperatures are out of freezing danger.

*Please remove any connected water hoses.

*Please also keep a faucet in the kitchen or bathroom turned on to a slow drip, until also out of freeze danger.

*For sprinkler systems, please consult your manual or sprinkler company.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 713-766-4651 with any questions. Reminder, acts of nature are not covered by warranty; service fees will apply.