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Generator Sizing Houston TX

Intro to Generator Sizing for Residents of Houston, TX & Nearby Areas

Generator sizing Houston TXWhen it comes to purchasing a generator, sizing is key; a generator that’s too small will fall short of providing the power that you need, and a generator that’s too large will cost more and will have some underutilized resources. So, how do you determine the right size generator for your home in the Houston, Texas, area? There’s really no comparable substitute to having a licensed electrician perform an inspection at your home and do your generator sizing for you, but there is a way to get a general idea of what you’ll need. The first step is to list out everything in your home in Houston, TX, that you’d like to provide with backup power. It could be HVAC units, lights, refrigerators, entertainment centers – whatever, really – but keep in mind, the more items on this list, the more power you’ll need to keep it all running. The next step for sizing your generator would be to calculate your home’s total power requirements in a unit of measure such as KVA, or KW, making sure to account for the starting and running wattage of all the individual items on your list. Again, there’s no comparable substitute for hiring a professional to complete this often involved process for you, as many will guarantee that you get the correct size. Some of the benefits of choosing a professional to take care of your generator sizing for you include:
  • There will be less of a chance of an unexpected system failure
  • You can be confident that your generator won’t shut down due to a system overload
  • Your generator will have a longer lifespan
  • Your generator will require less maintenance
  • The chances of asset damage will diminish
  • You can be confident that you’re paying the right price
  • You can be confident that it will provide power for all the items that you choose
Quality Home Products of Texas is a full-service generator contractor that has helped homeowners in the Houston, TX, area with generator sizing since 1989. For more information, contact us today.