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why-tankless-300x269Do you despise waking up in the morning and having to wait for your water to warm up?  Do you hate it when you are the last one in the shower and you are left with only cold water?  Having iceberg water is a pet peeve for many of us out there. How does an endless supply of hot water sound?  With a tankless water heater this can become your reality.  Get rid of your beastly tank water heater and step up to the next generation of water heaters. Here are five reasons to switch to the new age of tankless water heaters 1)      In the long run you can actually save money over the lifetime of your tankless water heater.  It costs on average $70 to $80 less per year to have a tankless water heater and they typically last for 20 years.  Do the math. 2)      There is always hot water because there is no tank to be depleted.  The water is heated on demand as you use it.  This also contributes to saving you money more by only heating the water when you need it. 3)      A traditional water heater can take up a large amount of space in your home while a tankless water heater takes up a fraction of that and can be mounted on your wall. 4)      The 20 year lifespan of a tankless water heater is twice as long as any tank style water heater.  Another money saver. 5)      Many tankless water heaters garnish the Energy Star approval that is given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. It is cheaper to install a traditional tank water heater in the here and now.  Looking to the future it makes sense to bite the bullet now so that you can be better off later.