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Kohler Dealers The Woodlands TX

Kohler Generator Dealers Serving Homeowners in The Woodlands TX Area

Kohler Dealers The Woodlands TXWhen it comes to providing your home in The Woodlands TX area with a reliable backup power source, it’s hard to top a Kohler standby generator. Kohler has been making world-class generators since 1920 and is one of the most respected companies in the industry. If your home in The Woodlands, Texas, area needs a backup generator, then turn to Quality TX, an award-winning Kohler dealer with decades of experience installing Kohler generators.

A Standby Generator That Meets the Needs of Your Home

Unlike portable generators, Kohler standby generators can be customized in a number of ways to provide the backup power you need when you need it most. For instance, as a highly experienced Kohler dealer, we can equip your generator with:
  • An automatic transfer switch – You won’t have to do a thing when your power goes out. This switch will bring the lights back on almost instantly.
  • A connection to propane or natural gas supply – This feature will allow you to never have to worry about refueling.
Additionally, a Kohler generator can be set up to provide backup power to your whole home or only to certain rooms or appliances that your household needs to remain safe and comfortable during the blackout.

Impeccable Generator Installation Services

Quality TX has been a Kohler dealer since 1989. As such, we are the proven experts at installing these remarkable generators. Our technicians will follow the manufacturer’s best-practice guidelines to ensure that you can count on years of optimal performance, and they’ll be available 24/7 after installation for any emergency services. Plus, when you purchase a Kohler generator from us, you’ll receive a free year of maintenance (with limitations), consisting of two visits. If your home lacks backup power, then don’t hesitate to contact Quality TX today. We are the preferred Kohler dealers houston tx serving The Woodlands, TX, and all surrounding communities.