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Kohler Standby Generators Houston TX

Kohler Standby Generators Installed for Residents of Houston TX & Nearby Areas

Kohler standby generators Houston TXQuality Home Products of Texas offers Kohler standby generators to our customers in Houston Texas and other surrounding communities because they have many invaluable features. For instance, Kohler generators are designed to be connected to your home’s liquid propane or natural gas supply for automatic refueling. Plus, with an automatic transfer switch, Kohler generators can turn themselves on just moments after the power goes out. Not only do these features eliminate the need for the storage of hazardous reserve fuels, but they also make for a very reliable system that works whether you’re home or away.

When you call Quality Home Products of Texas about our Kohler standby generators, we’ll be happy to schedule a home inspection.

This allows us to assess your emergency electricity needs and recommend an appropriate-sized system for your home in Houston, TX, or a surrounding community. Other benefits that come with choosing Quality Home Products of Texas are:
  • Permit acquisition: We’ll acquire all the necessary permits required to install your generator.
  • No-mess installations: With our precision boring machine we can set up your backup power system without disturbing your landscaping.
  • Custom concrete slabs: We pour one for every generator we install to keep the system off the ground and out of the mud.
  • 24/7 availability: We’re available anytime and can be there when you need us most.
For our devotion to customer service, Quality Home Products of Texas has received numerous accolades from the Better Business Bureau, such as multiple Pinnacle Awards and a consistent A+ rating. So, if you’re looking at Kohler standby generator houston tx and are thinking about having one professionally installed for your home in Houston, TX, or another nearby area, contact Quality Home Products of Texas today.