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Kohler Whole House Generators Houston TX

Kohler Whole House Generators for Residents of Houston TX & Other Surrounding Areas

Kohler whole house generators Houston TXKohler whole house generators from Quality Home Products of TX can ensure that your home in Houston Texas, or another nearby area, never loses power again. That’s because Kohler manufactures some of the most reliable backup power systems on the market. In addition to being repeatedly quality-tested by Kohler engineers, each of these generators operates with a commercial-grade engine that is built to withstand heavy workloads for extended periods of time. Plus, all Kohler generators come with a corrosion-resistant cover for protection against the elements, making for a very reliable, well-protected backup power system that you can count on time and again.

Quality TX is also proud to offer professional Generator installations for these Kohler systems.

All of our technicians are state-licensed and have the necessary experience to install your new generator perfectly and to code.

In addition to these extraordinarily reliable Kohler generators and our professional installations, Quality Home Products of Texas offers some of the best customer service to be found in and around Houston, TX. Our service includes:

  • A home inspection: We’ll help you determine what your emergency electricity needs are, provide you with professional recommendations, and ultimately, guide you in choosing the best Kohler generator for your home.
  • Customized setup: Quality Home Products of Texas can install your new generator to provide backup power to just a few necessary appliances or your whole home.
  • A complimentary maintenance package: We offer a free, one-year maintenance package (with limitations) with every generator we install to ensure its peak performance.
  • Much more

If you’re interested in having a reliable backup power system installed at your home, contact Quality Home Products of Texas today and ask about our selection of Kohler Houston TX whole house generators. We proudly serve residents of Houston, TX, and other surrounding locations.