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Quality Soft Water, Conroe, TX

Benefits that a Soft Water System Could Provide for Your Home in Conroe, TX, or a Nearby Community

Soft Water System Conroe TXHave you ever wondered whether a soft water system could benefit your home in Conroe Texas? If you are experiencing problems caused by hard water, the answer is likely that it can.

Hard water, though harmless, is typically caused by positively charged magnesium and calcium ions being present in a water supply. These positively charged ions bond with negatively charged ions to form minerals that, under the right circumstances, are insoluble in water and cause a number of problems in a home, including:

  • Spots and cloudiness on clean dishes
  • Buildup in water pipes and on faucets
  • A shortened lifespan for water-using appliances
  • Stiff, rough clothes and hair
  • Minimal lather from soap and detergents
If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, then perhaps it’s time to consider having a soft water houston tx system installed in your home. Founded in 1989, Quality TX has had a hand in the residential water treatment industry in Houston and the surrounding areas for decades. We will be happy to provide you with a complimentary water analysis to determine the severity of your water hardness problem. We can then use the results of the water test to recommend the right water softener for your home. Quality Home Products of Texas is proud to have been honored with multiple Pinnacle Awards and Awards of Excellence from the Better Business Bureau, with which we also maintain an A+ rating. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits that a soft water system could have at your home in Conroe, TX.