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A Bold Plan to Protect God's Thirsty Children from Cholera in Haiti

For nearly 10 years Water With Blessings’ has implemented a unique model of empowering Mothers as 'Water Women' that has in turn saved lives in 45+ countries.  Now they have launched an intensified version of their standard Water Woman program with the aim of reaching the entire population of Haiti and other countries. Their program has even touched the lives of many families among the Navajo Nation Reservation in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

Our own Bill McGraw of Quality Home Products of Texas is another enthusiastic and generous supporter of our Water By Women model ~ and as past president of the Texas Water Quality Association, he’s a water filtration expert! He too has experienced the WWB Honduras Pilgrimage, and seen “water by women” in action. 

Since 2016, Bill has been promising his clients that for every whole house water system they purchase from him, he will provide a Sawyer PointONE filter to our program. Bill will soon be shipping over 1000 filters directly to WWB Team Honduras for their next 1200 Water Women! 

Bill’s philanthropic philosophy of giving a tangible charitable match for every sale made is so powerful that Sr. Larraine used him as the inspirational focus in a graduation speech at Trinity High School (Louisville, KY) and the speech was then published by the Louisville Courier-Journal.

You can read the speech here: Be Like Bill! 

Since 2016, Quality Home Products has purchased 8,090 Sawyer PointONE filters for Water Women in Honduras. Their generosity has allowed matching donors to sponsor at reduced costs to bring the blessing of healthy water to 32,360 households ~ close to 130,000 thirsty people!

Do you want to provide Sawyer PointONE Filters to Families?

It is easy to get involved - if you are inclined.

Download the Village by Village flier to learn more.

Thank you and Bless You!