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What is a Generator? | Houston TX

What Is a Backup Generator? Should I Purchase One for My Home in Houston, TX?

What is a Generator? | Houston TXMaybe you’re wondering to yourself, “What is a backup generator?” Simply put, backup generators are used by many homes in the Houston, Texas, area to provide emergency power in the event of a blackout. What makes backup generators special, though, is that they’re on call all the time. Once installed, you can trust your backup generator to restore power to your home automatically, and within just moments after an outage occurs. At Quality Home Products of Texas, we provide backup generators from the trusted manufacturers GE, Generac, and Kohler, so no matter which unit you choose to purchase from us, you can be sure that it’s made to provide years of reliable performance. Additionally, we offer:
  • Consultations during which we can help you decide what size generator you need for your home in Houston, TX, or another nearby area
  • A free, one-year maintenance package (with limitations) to ensure that your newly installed generator continues to operate at peak capacity
  • Around-the-clock emergency repair services so we can be there for you when you need us the most
When you choose Quality Home Products of Texas for a backup generator, you can also be sure that it will be professionally installed. We employ trained and experienced technicians to ensure that every generator installation we undertake is completed expertly and 100 percent to code. If you’re still wondering about what a backup generator is, contact Quality Home Products of Texas today and one of our knowledgeable representatives will gladly provide you with more information. We have proudly served residents of Houston, TX, and the nearby areas since 1978.