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You can’t predict when a storm will hit, but you can prepare for it. FEMA and the Red Cross recommend every family have an emergency preparedness kit in their home. The kit should include:
  • Food (enough for 72 hours)
  • Cash
  • Water (enough for 72 hours)
  • Change of clothes
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Medications
  • Generator
Automatic home backup generators automatically turn on when the power goes out, and remain on until power returns.  Generators help in dangerous weather-related situations by:
  • Keeping lights on so residents can see dangerous debris
  • Keeping furnaces running so residents can stay warm
  • Keeping refrigerators running so food and medication aren’t spoiled
  • Keeping the Internet connection on so residents can stay connected, work from home, and monitor the storm        
  • Keeping sump pumps working to reduce basement flooding
In addition to making an emergency preparedness kit and installing a home backup generator, there are other ways to prepare for storm season:
  • Make copies of personal documents and papers in case originals are damaged
  • Find out where to take pets in case of an evacuation
  • Purchase extra batteries for weather radios
  • Ensure camera is charged to take pictures of damage for insurance purposes
  • Write down family and emergency contact information and give to loved ones